Thursday, 28 June 2012

smoking is aint cool it kills !!! :/

  Hello! How are you? I am not fine, but hope the best for you. Ah! I forgot to tell you who I am. Well, my name is ‘Anonymous’. I am in my early youth. I smoke. I am addicted. I am not ashamed of it. And that’s sad. Really sad.

                It’s been a while since me and my pals started smoking, the four of us. We smoke together even now, but only three of us. The fourth one is out of station. He just discovered he had lung cancer. Doc said it was due to smoking. His parents were freaked out. Father is approaching his retirement age, poor old man. He kept blaming himself, saying that he passed the habit to his son. We, however knew, that our friend used to smoke only because he found it cool. It was sad. Really sad.

  •                 I still hear stories from people where they talk about people smoking because it looks, sounds, feels or whatever, ‘cool’. Dafuk? What is cool in that? A guy sucking on to a small little stick full of dry grass is cool? I don’t think so. A guy who necessarily  needs a cigarette after work or class aint cool man. Certainly not. A man who can’t run a cross-country lap, and every time he tries to do so, ends up panting and asking for a cigarette, he aint no cool. A guy who needs a puff every time he is frustrated, who needs a puff every time he is under pressure, that bitch aint cool man. A person who can’t make whiskey wet his throat without a smoke? Chuck the cool, he ain’t no fucking man, man. A guy who depends on cigarettes to handle difficult situations of his life, he looks cool? Not to me. Trading currency with rolled crushed leaves in paper, just to burn and suck on it and make yourself vulnerable to shitload of diseases aint cool. We are scared every time we smoke, scared that no one sees us, no one finds out, specially our parents. We are paranoid, is that cool? No, it’s not. That, my friend, is sad.
                This cancer guy, the friend of mine I told you about, he had a girlfriend. They broke up two months back, because he couldn’t quit smoking, even after the girl said that it would either be his cigarette, or her. Today, when he is out there, sick, dying, it’s not the cigarette that’s crying, it’s still the girl. And mind you, it’s not that my friend didn’t love the chick, rather it’s the bloody struggle you have to do to quit smoking. It starts easy. But ends ugly, if it ever does. It is shit hard to quit. We’ve all tried, and lost. Only a few percent succeed in quitting. I have seen people as aged as 80 years smoking, despite knowing that it just brings the dusk of their life closer. And that, is sad.
                We often went to this friend’s apartment to smoke, on his terrace. Not just because of the fresh air and privacy, but because it gave us a clear view of the balcony of a super-hot chick in that building. Man, she was inhumanly sexy, recently married, like an year back. Looked sexier when pregnant. And guess what, she also smoked, just like us. But I heard she committed  suicide after she gave birth to an incompletely formed baby or something like that, which died right after birth. Docs said it was due to smoking. And that, my friend, is sad.
                People say look at Eminem, he smokes. Look at Charlie Sheen, he smokes. Look at Shah Rukh Khan, he smokes. And all of them look so cool when they smoke. Stupid ass! Eminem’s rap make him cool, Sheen’s wit does the work for him, and SRK’s acting plays its part in the cool factor. How can a small stick make a man look cool? And now that we are talking about sticks, let me tell you, smoking can cause trouble to your little stick down there too, buddy! Yes, smoking can actually affect the manhood/womanhood and its symbols that you might be so proud of. And that, is sad.
                So, what is good about it? If nothing, then why the fuck do so many asses smoke all the time? Well, they made a mistake by starting, and now they are being charged for the mistake for the rest of their life. Yes, nicotine adds up into your blood once you become regular. And whenever you try to stop/quit, the nicotine level lowers, and well, you start craving and feeling uneasy. Ask me, I have been through that, lot of times. When I tried to quit, I couldn’t sleep, take a shit, study, or anything man! And hence, I started again. Yes, that is sad too.
                Well, writing this letter required three smokes. I hope you understand that it wasn’t an easy thing to do for me, and hence, will consider the point I was trying to make all the way long. Smoking is not cool/fun/interesting/ helpful/advantageous/ healthy in any way. It kills. So, enjoy your smoking-free life(or try quitting on lack thereof). And never say yes to a cigarette. Not cool.

*Note to the reader: This article didn’t just come out randomly. What forced me to write this thing was an incident that happened with me. I was back home from college, and this little girl, sister-likes of mine, an year younger, was caught smoking by me. Apparently looked cool, and also someone said that it helps in reducing stress. I told her all that I should have, only to catch her smoking the very next day again. All I had with me, after that, was regret.


  1. Awesome........

    This article took me 3 cigarettes to finish....

    Ok..that was really a nice post. And almost lighten a fire in me to leave smoking...but you know what, I really don't know why I just can't....But there is obviously one thing, "People may think that the person who is smoking might having a feeling inside about looking cool but I haven't found anyone smoking to look cool, and it is also hard to describe the reason behind smoking....Its just an addiction and I know it has nothing good or helpful, but like any other drugs it makes smokers feel relaxing and its true"

    Smoking is undoubtedly BAD and HARMFUL, and most of the time this SMILE DRUG leads user to more harder drug addictions.

  2. exactly...when yuall knw there is nuthng gud kept in ths work..thn y ual dnt try to throw out frm yur lyf..its bad ..thr ppl conditn will be more worsen if they continue..!!!

    say no to life long happily nd yes smoking even harm ppl who r sittng beside yu while yu r doing do sm social wrk by forbidding it frm yur lyf..!!!
    nd thankx for yur feedbak..

  3. I dont smoke, I did it once but never continued. However, I would like to see the medical proof, that shows it causes cancer. Or bad lungs. I give you several things, I have noticed.

    I have 4 blood relatives, and know 3 people whom I am not related to. Who have lung cancer. Only one of them smokes. And the others never smoked a day in their life.

    All of my Grandparents, and Uncles smoke/ smoked. None of them have any lung issues. My dad, has been smoking since he was 6. The doctor says he is as healthy as a horse. Iron lungs.

    Maybe its just my experience, but I think that people just want something to blame cancers on.

    Also, that dosnt mean I condone smoking. I know all of my relatives, regret ever starting smoking. Not because of health, but because of the costs in cigarets. So I agree that smoking isnt cool, or anything. But I dont believe it causes cancer. .

  4. Even when the cigarette companies confess that the this is bad for health, why medical report is required !!!

    When you create something and you yourself saying that this is a bad thing, will anyone need any confirmation from other to be confirmed that it is bad !!!!


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