Friday, 26 April 2013


                                 Tell me why????
·         FAMILY
·         FRIENDS
·         LOVE
·         LIFE
·         CAREER
·         MONEY
·         SUCCESS
·         FAILURE

Are few words above which have there own importance in everyone’s life. ISN’T it???now how many times we remind our self about all these per day??? Thinking?? I tell you...most of the ppl discuss and think about above topics everyday- obey our parents, have to respect my love, spending time with my friends, money needed, success importance... blaa-blaaa-blaaa.

This time my present post will like you to forget above words and look into the different life existing in this developing-speed-modernizing world??

Does your life bounds only those above words??why we don’t allow us to ripple apart in other IDEAS!! 

One-day I sat alone from my complicated-fucked up life, I was taken to nowhere, when nothing good was happening to me and I was constantly striving for something and rubbing over and over against it to comfort myself...then what??? Got  breakdown with a loud spark! My life got ruined-tears all OVER-starved for many days-sleepless night-sullen face-unhappy mind-no interest in anything-numb- bla-bla-bla!!
BUT ITS NT ALL,, I UNDERSTOOD THAT..LIFE MUST GO ON...ITS JST THE WAVES WCH TRIES US TO PULL BACKWARD...We all can make our life beautiful by our own hand. But how to make life beautiful? when there’s so much difficulties??too much complex-city?? Essence of competition ?
I got inspired from early people who were the initiators of great inventions because they try noticed there problems and strived hard for their survival,,, soh?? Why can’t we now?? START NOTICING, ANALYZING everything around is beautiful!! Everything carry its own reason. Right from the structure of human being to the structure of nonliving things... why man r said to be intelligent species?? Why we all have got different size figures ?? why only 256 bones??why wings only belongs to birds department not to us?? 

Everything is science , don’t try believe in stuffs which are supernatural and tell about future....soh! live in present...!!!

THAT NIGHT,,,,I felt the  wind breeze ,,,look up to the sky who’s light rays lite up every darkness, watched those birds sitting ON THE next tree of my balcony, watch MY pet which was sitting beside me, those flowers which blooms only during night, soft humming tunes coming from far away,, and making me go inside those tunes, forgetting everyone- every problem....
Life is beautiful even when we are alone... i have felt and experienced the smoothness, softness and sensitiveness of my life of myself bringing me out from a cage, it has its reason,,,
 "WHY WE are BORN?? WHY WE EXIST?? whY WE TRY Leaving OUT OUR FOOTPRINTS EVEN WHEN WE DIE!!! Think and tell me why???"

By indrani banerjee..[:)]

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  1. Coz its best when we r alone... it gives us time to peep within.. see beyond our eyes.... Been born scientifically is 1 in a million probability stuff... we should be always be proud of our existence..... And in my ways "We r all meant for a reason, a reason unknown in mists of Dark life, with many paths to walk on.. with many different destination... We search for a reason far n wide n fail.. n when we stop, we find it within us... in our heart " sound dramatic but a truth for me...

    Coming to the topic "WHY we TRY Leaving OUT OUR FOOTPRINTS EVEN WHEN WE DIE!!" i would say this lies in our blood in our gene. We are ambitious Creatures, Humans. We always have a liking to Fame and name... We all want our name up high... and thus we all run blindly to a diluted success... They say only a worthy leaves his foot print on the sands of time... I say WE ALL ARE WORTHY... WE ALL ARE BORN THE SAME.. ITS THE THOUGHT THAT SEPARATES US.... THE PATH OF LIFE...

    CHASE WAT U ARE GOOD, When u are satisfied look back u'll see us footprints there........



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