Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Firefox OS App Days @ Firefox Club SNIST

It was Jan 19th and Firefox OS App Days in Hyderabad. I myself FSA started my Mozilla journey from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad. There i met Vineel ReddySrikar AnanthulaSrikanth Namu (Mozilla Reps) and Santosh, FSA from Sreenidhi Institute.

Then inauguration started by lighting the candle and then Dignitaries from college gave talks on the App days and then Vineel Sir spoke on the Mozilla Community and then Srikar addressed the gathering.

Later, as per the agenda

Srikar started with Introduction to Mozilla and then introduction to HTML5 session by Raghu after that Introduction to Firefox OS by Jay Kashyap

During the Lunch Session Vineel Sir and all FSA's had a small gathering in which all FSA's in and around india have introduced themselves and asked queries they have regarding the FSA Program.
Later we had the lunch and then the coding fun has started everyone started discussing about the developing apps.
Continue the interest we played some TED talks and some interesting games were played inorder to make everyone awake and do coding for their firefox apps.

There were 16 apps which were given demos by 16 teams and were uploaded into Firefox MarketPlace and it was time for distributing the goodies (#swag)
Got #mozilla tshirt
       #Few tutorials pdf.
day was fun,, and exciting... ^_^
\m/ mozillian rockx ,,... !!
By indrani banerjee.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

*****COURTSHIP *****

Love letter

Note: For my imaginary future Beloved: Because My Love is Away Special than anyone in this world. ^-^


“The morning comes to consciousness of Faint stale smell of RUM,

  You tossed a blanket from the bed,

  You lay upon your back, and waited,

  You dozed, and watched the night revealing

  Of which your soul was constituted...”

I use to think that i would be alone forever more but until, I met you thee, I know that I was not true.
“Your Soul stretched tight across the skies
That fades behind my city block,,,”
I tried to fight back this feeling that I had, but I Failed,,, just can’t keep thyself away from your arms.

When I look at your face. I, see you in a strange way
Never have I loved anyone, as I’m loving you today.
Every time you touch me,
Every time you kiss me,
I can’t help let feel the warmth beneath this stone cold heart.

I promise you forever.
When you wake up, I’ll be here just like I was, at the start.

I’ll be Lost,, if you leave me.
You have just taken away my heart almost and have given a new start.
I can’t break it into your mind, but you have surely break through into my heart. I’ll keep searching for the truth behind your eyes....

Sleep my Soldier.... I promise you forever.
When you wake up, I’ll be here just like I was, at the start.

By-indrani banerjee

Friday, 26 April 2013


                                 Tell me why????
·         FAMILY
·         FRIENDS
·         LOVE
·         LIFE
·         CAREER
·         MONEY
·         SUCCESS
·         FAILURE

Are few words above which have there own importance in everyone’s life. ISN’T it???now how many times we remind our self about all these per day??? Thinking?? I tell you...most of the ppl discuss and think about above topics everyday- obey our parents, have to respect my love, spending time with my friends, money needed, success importance... blaa-blaaa-blaaa.

This time my present post will like you to forget above words and look into the different life existing in this developing-speed-modernizing world??

Does your life bounds only those above words??why we don’t allow us to ripple apart in other IDEAS!! 

One-day I sat alone from my complicated-fucked up life, I was taken to nowhere, when nothing good was happening to me and I was constantly striving for something and rubbing over and over against it to comfort myself...then what??? Got  breakdown with a loud spark! My life got ruined-tears all OVER-starved for many days-sleepless night-sullen face-unhappy mind-no interest in anything-numb- bla-bla-bla!!
BUT ITS NT ALL,, I UNDERSTOOD THAT..LIFE MUST GO ON...ITS JST THE WAVES WCH TRIES US TO PULL BACKWARD...We all can make our life beautiful by our own hand. But how to make life beautiful? when there’s so much difficulties??too much complex-city?? Essence of competition ?
I got inspired from early people who were the initiators of great inventions because they try noticed there problems and strived hard for their survival,,, soh?? Why can’t we now?? START NOTICING, ANALYZING everything around us..life is beautiful!! Everything carry its own reason. Right from the structure of human being to the structure of nonliving things... why man r said to be intelligent species?? Why we all have got different size figures ?? why only 256 bones??why wings only belongs to birds department not to us?? 

Everything is science , don’t try believe in stuffs which are supernatural and tell about future....soh! live in present...!!!

THAT NIGHT,,,,I felt the  wind breeze ,,,look up to the sky who’s light rays lite up every darkness, watched those birds sitting ON THE next tree of my balcony, watch MY pet which was sitting beside me, those flowers which blooms only during night, soft humming tunes coming from far away,, and making me go inside those tunes, forgetting everyone- every problem....
Life is beautiful even when we are alone... i have felt and experienced the smoothness, softness and sensitiveness of my life of myself bringing me out from a cage, it has its reason,,,
 "WHY WE are BORN?? WHY WE EXIST?? whY WE TRY Leaving OUT OUR FOOTPRINTS EVEN WHEN WE DIE!!! Think and tell me why???"

By indrani banerjee..[:)]

Sunday, 22 July 2012



Today I am set free from prison of localism,,, from now i can have a clear vision of my past...
Yes, i am a human being, and HAD lots of mistake in my life, even have fractured my legs as those mistakes made me fall deep inside the ocean when, i didn’t knew swimming but i didn’t stopped myself and given up at that dead point.

I tried hard got piece of wood floating there which was my mamma who gave her  hand over me from getting fall. Now when every morning i open my eyes i feel YES  I AM ALIVE AND MY FRESH DAY STARTS HERE.  But i found many scar marks here and there in my heart... my mind which again tell me “ITS NOT PEACE ANYWHERE AS LIFE IS A GAME AND I HAVE TO COME OUT WITH VICTORY”... Not as a Dum driven cattle in a battle field...
Yes, i hanged out MYSELF somehow for my day dreams but now i simply want to grasp them as soon as possible. Want to warpath things into longest tree and set the sunshine falling over my hair, my face my entire body want to take deep breath alone in the wildest jungle, want to walk in the darkest road that 1 can ever think off...i love walking alone in a long dark roadside in a chilled rainy weather with strong wind blowing here and there,,,  want to make friendship with para normals nd live lyf differently from normal’s.

I love being in extreme places,, why there is so much of noise all around???? NOISE of getting complex,,, noise of JEALOUSY ,, noise of competitive,,, noise of being first .. they all make me TIRED.. i am just tired!!!! TIRED of proving things 1 after another...
Wanna set myself free from these pressurize life where people wants smile from you by snatching anothrs  smile by snatching mine..,,, wanna go somewhere ...where no 1 can notice my happenings ...i want my beloved  very soon pls come to me where ever god hav kept you reserve only for me... yes you read it correct i want you..no no nOt  JUST want YOU... i need you...!!!!
Snowfalls would have been my beloved  ,, rains would have been my friends  want to experience life in a supernatural way...


Thursday, 28 June 2012

smoking is aint cool it kills !!! :/

  Hello! How are you? I am not fine, but hope the best for you. Ah! I forgot to tell you who I am. Well, my name is ‘Anonymous’. I am in my early youth. I smoke. I am addicted. I am not ashamed of it. And that’s sad. Really sad.

                It’s been a while since me and my pals started smoking, the four of us. We smoke together even now, but only three of us. The fourth one is out of station. He just discovered he had lung cancer. Doc said it was due to smoking. His parents were freaked out. Father is approaching his retirement age, poor old man. He kept blaming himself, saying that he passed the habit to his son. We, however knew, that our friend used to smoke only because he found it cool. It was sad. Really sad.http://thehungover.tumblr.com/post/25506936877/smokersapology?fb_action_ids=10150978809637767&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=timeline_og

  •                 I still hear stories from people where they talk about people smoking because it looks, sounds, feels or whatever, ‘cool’. Dafuk? What is cool in that? A guy sucking on to a small little stick full of dry grass is cool? I don’t think so. A guy who necessarily  needs a cigarette after work or class aint cool man. Certainly not. A man who can’t run a cross-country lap, and every time he tries to do so, ends up panting and asking for a cigarette, he aint no cool. A guy who needs a puff every time he is frustrated, who needs a puff every time he is under pressure, that bitch aint cool man. A person who can’t make whiskey wet his throat without a smoke? Chuck the cool, he ain’t no fucking man, man. A guy who depends on cigarettes to handle difficult situations of his life, he looks cool? Not to me. Trading currency with rolled crushed leaves in paper, just to burn and suck on it and make yourself vulnerable to shitload of diseases aint cool. We are scared every time we smoke, scared that no one sees us, no one finds out, specially our parents. We are paranoid, is that cool? No, it’s not. That, my friend, is sad.
                This cancer guy, the friend of mine I told you about, he had a girlfriend. They broke up two months back, because he couldn’t quit smoking, even after the girl said that it would either be his cigarette, or her. Today, when he is out there, sick, dying, it’s not the cigarette that’s crying, it’s still the girl. And mind you, it’s not that my friend didn’t love the chick, rather it’s the bloody struggle you have to do to quit smoking. It starts easy. But ends ugly, if it ever does. It is shit hard to quit. We’ve all tried, and lost. Only a few percent succeed in quitting. I have seen people as aged as 80 years smoking, despite knowing that it just brings the dusk of their life closer. And that, is sad.
                We often went to this friend’s apartment to smoke, on his terrace. Not just because of the fresh air and privacy, but because it gave us a clear view of the balcony of a super-hot chick in that building. Man, she was inhumanly sexy, recently married, like an year back. Looked sexier when pregnant. And guess what, she also smoked, just like us. But I heard she committed  suicide after she gave birth to an incompletely formed baby or something like that, which died right after birth. Docs said it was due to smoking. And that, my friend, is sad.
                People say look at Eminem, he smokes. Look at Charlie Sheen, he smokes. Look at Shah Rukh Khan, he smokes. And all of them look so cool when they smoke. Stupid ass! Eminem’s rap make him cool, Sheen’s wit does the work for him, and SRK’s acting plays its part in the cool factor. How can a small stick make a man look cool? And now that we are talking about sticks, let me tell you, smoking can cause trouble to your little stick down there too, buddy! Yes, smoking can actually affect the manhood/womanhood and its symbols that you might be so proud of. And that, is sad.
                So, what is good about it? If nothing, then why the fuck do so many asses smoke all the time? Well, they made a mistake by starting, and now they are being charged for the mistake for the rest of their life. Yes, nicotine adds up into your blood once you become regular. And whenever you try to stop/quit, the nicotine level lowers, and well, you start craving and feeling uneasy. Ask me, I have been through that, lot of times. When I tried to quit, I couldn’t sleep, take a shit, study, or anything man! And hence, I started again. Yes, that is sad too.
                Well, writing this letter required three smokes. I hope you understand that it wasn’t an easy thing to do for me, and hence, will consider the point I was trying to make all the way long. Smoking is not cool/fun/interesting/ helpful/advantageous/ healthy in any way. It kills. So, enjoy your smoking-free life(or try quitting on lack thereof). And never say yes to a cigarette. Not cool.

*Note to the reader: This article didn’t just come out randomly. What forced me to write this thing was an incident that happened with me. I was back home from college, and this little girl, sister-likes of mine, an year younger, was caught smoking by me. Apparently looked cool, and also someone said that it helps in reducing stress. I told her all that I should have, only to catch her smoking the very next day again. All I had with me, after that, was regret.

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