Saturday, 16 July 2011

"spirit but full of fear" ;)

                   “Spirit weaver”

The frost performs a secret ministry, when I was sitting near my fire place reading my books.

That evening still give me Goosebumps whenever I think about that night..!!!!
  I Remember …
             MOON  was gaze ling above the sky ,stars twinkling ,river aside my house was shining from the ray of moonlight…..that was midnight, full locality was silent ..!!!!
I stood by my window and found no one in the pathway, puppies were lying beside the bushes. Suddenly I heard strock of sound to my ears as if it  passed by my ears with 130km/hr speed of air..
How OFT, how OFTS, at my house with most believing minds, articulate sounds of things to come !!!!
My eyes started searching the way from where this weird sound came. . .

I rushed to my second stores room with anger, thinking my younger sister was trying to scare me by watching movies with loud volume or hearing to music…but there I found she was silently sleeping…my all anger slowed down….i checked every door …they all were locked….i puzzled with loud heart beat..
“soh IS IT THIEF'S around my house??????” I again rush to the window which was still open….as my legs stepped towards that creep window….my heartbeat pump faster more faster…room was dark…fireplace was dimmed…in between I slipped over my carpet and my watch fell down…by the time….i heard the noise again….this time is was very flawless…like a soft wave tune….
Lastly when I reached there My EYES caught a girl wearing some black, torn, dirty clothes….long open hair…, bare foot whitish complexion  ,staring  at my window !!!
My heartbeat ran fast, eyes stopped trickling , hand were shivering , mind stop working, with wasting no more time I closed my window with loud noise …
I sat down with scare ….my hand was still shivering ….my eyes were continuously getting the glimpse of her mark which ran down over her cheeks…she was a young girl….
After few silent breathe I had …thoughts captured my fear threatened mind + heart “ if she was the needy…needed shelter??? she might have drag to risk for her life ???? but then if she is a slute???? Thief ????but then why marks ran down her face?????? With so many freaking question …holding my fear mind…I again tried to peep outside through my window glasses …but strange I found no one there….
Again I slowly opened my window “no one was visible”…….

Just the winter night settles down with smell of steak in passageways….!!!!!


BY indrani banerjee
[Creator of claque hamlet]


  1. Waah well done! Ur writing is improvng day by day, do nt give up dis habit. Continue d gud work.

  2. great work indu..seriously:)
    keep working hard:)

  3. ankur-thanx a lot...:) i will keep yur word!!
    akansha- thanx sweety...:)

  4. hiii uts ausm yaar...mast...lyked it a lot..!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    KEEP PENNING... :)

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    Check out my website also.


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