Saturday, 5 October 2013

*****COURTSHIP *****

Love letter

Note: For my imaginary future Beloved: Because My Love is Away Special than anyone in this world. ^-^


“The morning comes to consciousness of Faint stale smell of RUM,

  You tossed a blanket from the bed,

  You lay upon your back, and waited,

  You dozed, and watched the night revealing

  Of which your soul was constituted...”

I use to think that i would be alone forever more but until, I met you thee, I know that I was not true.
“Your Soul stretched tight across the skies
That fades behind my city block,,,”
I tried to fight back this feeling that I had, but I Failed,,, just can’t keep thyself away from your arms.

When I look at your face. I, see you in a strange way
Never have I loved anyone, as I’m loving you today.
Every time you touch me,
Every time you kiss me,
I can’t help let feel the warmth beneath this stone cold heart.

I promise you forever.
When you wake up, I’ll be here just like I was, at the start.

I’ll be Lost,, if you leave me.
You have just taken away my heart almost and have given a new start.
I can’t break it into your mind, but you have surely break through into my heart. I’ll keep searching for the truth behind your eyes....

Sleep my Soldier.... I promise you forever.
When you wake up, I’ll be here just like I was, at the start.

By-indrani banerjee


  1. Lovely piece.... your future beloved will be lucky and a brave soldier !!! Kudos :)

  2. hahhaha,,, thankxx soumojit..!!! :)

  3. This was osm ....
    wrapped a lot of feeling around those word....
    by d way whom were u imagining ;)

  4. jst wanna define in single word "priceless".......awsm wrk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

  5. #sourav- its for none re,, just my imagination... :)
    lil bit of crazyness as yu can see... as i lov intimacy,,, ;)
    was alone in my home,,,tai start writing ...nd it came out to b prrety cool [according to me]....soh, thought of posting it... :)

  6. your imaginations are pretty much imaginative though..... ^_^
    but there's lots of feelings and emotions encoded in it...:)

  7. An extra-ordinary Creative Master Piece work

    Try philosophy / philosophical writing too


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