Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ist year endzzz!!!!!!

1st year endzz !!!
words cant express everything
everything what we shared together, we enjoyed together, we did al kinda nautankis together
this year I met some of the best persons dwelling on earth
ovEr here in yummmmit...
it was an awesome time
fighting for cake
s,serious fights,back xam discussions, common bunking fun, nautnki all night,sharing magi, tiffinssss even if every person gets 1 noodle, party’s...,dj dance, movies..,teas’ng ppl..bitching ;/ ;) oohhh ths 1 year passed liked a moment to be cherished with,...every1 of you hold special place to my heart...fingure crossed our love our friendship..our mastizzz should stay,,..forever life long wherever we go..where ever we settle down..wherever u nd me would walk in our busy life ....
luv u aallllzzzzz!!!!! :*
every1 of you was jem seriously speaking
I in love wid my CSE.. my block n wid u guyzzz
i am gonna miss u ppl like hell this summer
plzz some1 talk to the chief warden and ask for permission of staying back in our block,i really don't wanna change my rum rather say OUR ROOM...hehehheh :DJ J 
“I’LL  MISS  YOU !  ! 1
When shall there a time be i shall have opertunity to meet a friend as good as thee ?????
The way burn out, the mountains may move, the sky might fly, A day will come when you’ll forget me, But NEVER WILL I..!!!!”


  1. Really heart touching!
    After reading i start missing more my college...coz we r no more in our class, our canteen, our made culture, our rules, our mastiiiss..!
    really you are a nice writer! (Y)

    1. thankzzz alot shekhar bhaiya for yur encouragemnt,..!!!! :)


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