Sunday, 18 December 2011


                                                                ABSENCE makes the heart grow fonder…!!!!!

I am standing here with the enigmatic feelings…I know, friendz who all are doing there studiez out of there hometown is no doubt a tough job to be accomplished with….WELL SAME AS ME…!!! 

While , I  was on my way to my sweet home just then I got a flicking norms..that I was blushing on my own while viewing window side….”I was blushing???”….but for whom and why????????

We all are growing up day by day getting to know…to experience …many wet and wild things and so as our emotions…!!!
Every place, has its own significant and my hometown is not just my town…..ITS above ALL !!!
IT will be wrong to say that where I am currently settling is not equally important to me THEN  Y such norms??? What is making it different frm all…??????

“MEMORIZES” It’s a BIG word !!!
My failure, my success , my pain, my happiness , my temper, my fights, my arrogance…every emotions just has been sudden sound by my close people…- “my friendz”[glittering prizes of love all around with stout hearts and sharp words”!!!]
If I would have not shared  so many ANARCHIC emotions there with others… I could have got no feelings for this place. Its not the place making you feel nostalgia…its ppl around whom you survived yourself day after day makes its special.
THANX to all my friendz to make me feel adorable, making me understand the importance of unusual gift granted to all of us which is “weaves of LYF”!!!

By indrani banerjee
[Creator of claque hamlet]

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