Saturday, 21 April 2012


MBA After Btech

Give beer to those who are perishing, wine to those who are anguish”.

Its always an appreciating factor , doing engineering from best institution. but why is it that engineer would get job in the finance industry .if we look at all the best MBA institution, maximum number of jobs are offered in either consulting or banking/finance. I don’t understand how an engineer is better position to do equity market analysis, analyse macro and micro economics situation ex. than a commerce graduate. Doesn’t anybody think there is something really wrong with the education system??The format of entrance test itself gives advantage to all engineering student like us intension is not to start any commerce vs engineer” topic but “ i am really appalled by the way our education system is working”.

“Knowledge is never wasted, no matter what path you have taken”

Technical and management aspects of life go hand in hand.  The decision of whether an engineer should go for an MBA or not depends entirely on the interest and capabilities of the person. An Engineer can excel in his field and may earn more than that of what a manager does but vice versa is also true salary should not be the factor . if our interest is hardcore technically, you might end up not even finishing your MBA and bail out in midway of the course.

Being a good engineer rather than a bad manager. On the other hand if you are genuinely interested in management and see yourself as a better manager than go for MBA. Even though an MBA  doesn’t guarantee your success nor is it essential require to be good manager but you can gain strutted learning from an MBA program, try out your skills in a safe environment before you actually jump in the corporate world, learn from your peers, gain from their experience from your field and make excellent connection that will help you in your future to sum it up I will say the decision in on an individual basis and you can just give a simple yes/no answer for engineer!!!

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